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Over the last few decades, many cities around the world have seen alarming increases in the levels of youth crime. This essay will discuss the reasons for this and provide some possible solutions.

The first reason is connected with the family. In order for a child to grow up in a balanced way, it is very important that he or she is nurtured well by his or her parents. However, these days, it is often the case that children are neglected. This may be because of the fact that many parents in cities now both have to work so are often not around to give their children support when needed. Another factor is the increasing levels of poverty around the world. We have seen with globalization the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and this inevitably means that those who are poorer will have to resort to illegal means to get what others have. Of course, this will include the children in the poorer families.

However, there are ways to tackle such problems. Firstly, one of the ways to combat the problem is to have stricter punishments.
Although, as discussed above, it can be outside factors that lead to crime, it is still important to have severe punishments to deter teenagers from crime. All too often, because they are young, the courts are too lenient. Parents also have to take more responsibility for their children’s actions. They too should be punished if their children commit crime.

To sum up, several factors have led to increases in youth crime, but
measures are available to tackle this problem.

In the past, it was a natural step that a couple would get married fairly young, and then start a family. However, this is no longer the case and the delaying of childbirth is becoming very common. This essay will consider the reasons for this trend and the possible effects on families and society.

The driving force behind this trend is changing employment patterns. As more women have pursued an education and entered the workforce, they tend to marry later and have children later in their life. This is unavoidable in many cases because women cannot combine family and work well due to costly childcare. Another factor is all the other opportunities available to everyone. For example, many men and women choose to travel around the world or take the chance to work in another country, thus delaying settling down.

There are a number of possible impacts on families and society. Firstly, with regards to families, it can be more difficult for older women to get pregnant and they may experience more health problems, such as a miscarriage, high blood pressure or diabetes, during pregnancy. Also, the parents may find the whole experience of bringing up children more tiring  if they are older. In one respect it may be positive for society because if people are choosing to work for longer, a country will have a productive workforce. On the negative side though, in the long-term falling fertility rates will mean an aging population with a lack of young people to work and take care of the elderly.

In conclusion, there are several reasons that people are having children later in life, and this can have a number of impacts, both positive and negative.

Many countries around the world are becoming richer as they develop and at the same time these countries are seeing a reduction in the size of the family unit. This essay will discuss the reasons for this phenomenon and examine some of the possible effects it will have on society.

One of the principal reasons for smaller family units is birth control. As a country develops and becomes richer, birth control becomes more readily available. This may be due to a rise in the number of medical clinics or the distribution of free contraception. The result of this is that people can choose family size. Another important factor is the rise in the levels of education that occur as a country develops, which means that women are more educated and more likely to be working. Consequently, many will want to delay having children and so will likely have fewer in the long-term.

This can impact on society in a number of ways. One positive effect is that the population will fall, which will likely result in less poverty as there will be less competition for scarce resources. The parents can also provide a better education to their children as it will cost less, which will benefit society as a whole. A possible negative impact is that there will be fewer younger people in the workforce in the future, thus making the sustainability of future economic growth less certain.

In conclusion, family size has fallen due to birth control and education, and this can have positive and negative impacts on society.

In many countries, particularly places like Asia, skin whitening products are incredibly popular and provide huge profits for the companies involved in their sale. This essay will examine the reasons why people use these products and the effects this has on people’s health and on society.

The principal reason that people use skin whitening products is because whiter skin is seen to be more desirable than darker skin. To understand why, we need to firstly look at history. In ancient times, people of a higher status tended to stay indoors, whilst people of a lower status worked outside, usually farming. As a result, those people who were indoors had much lighter skin, which means that whiter skin is now associated with having a higher status than dark skin. Another reason, which is partly related to this, is the desire for the ‘Western’ look. For example, plastic surgery to create western eyelids and noses is common in Asia, and the white skin is part of this. These beliefs and images are also perpetuated in the media, with adverts showing people with white skin as more successful and attractive.

However, despite the fact that having whiter skin may improve a person’s self-esteem, these products can have negative effects. Regarding health, there are reports that people are harming their skin permanently as some products bought over the counter have prescription-strength ingredients. For instance, some contain steroids or toxins which can severely damage the skin and other parts of the body. In terms of society, there are also detrimental effects. Such behaviour perpetuates the belief that ‘white’ is better than ‘black’, and thus those with darker skin may experience discrimination.

In conclusion, people use whitening products due to the fact that white skin, usually through the media, is portrayed as more desirable.
However, steps should be taken to change this image as the drawbacks of this are clear, with potentially dangerous consequences for people’s future health and society as a whole.

Over the last ten years, western societies have seen close to a 20% rise in the number of children who are overweight. This essay will discuss some reasons why this has occurred and examine the consequences of this worrying trend.

The main cause of this problem is poor diet. Over the last decade there has been a prolific increase in the number of fast food restaurants. For example, on nearly every high street there is a MacDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. The food in these places has been proven  to be very unhealthy, and much of the advertising is targeted at children, thus ensuring that they constitute the bulk of the customers of these establishments. However, it is not only due to eating out, but also the type of diet many children have at home. A lot of food consumed is processed food, especially with regards to ready-made meals which  are a quick and easy option for parents who are working hard.

The effects of this have been and will continue to be very serious. Firstly, there has been a large increase in health related diseases amongst children, especially diabetes. This debilitating illness means a child has to be injected with insulin for the rest of their life. Not only this, very overweight children often experience bullying from other children, which may affect their mental health. The negative stigma of being overweight may also affect self-esteem.

To sum up, it is evident that there are several causes of obesity amongst children, and a variety of negative effects. Society must ensure steps are taken to prevent this problem from deteriorating further.

It is irrefutable that consumerism is promoted in many nations of the world. This essay intends to analyse the positive and negative effects of this use-and-throw culture. I personally believe that the disadvantages outstrip the advantages.

On the positive side, consumerism leads to mass production, which is something good for the employment sector. Mass manufacturing definitely leads to mass employment. This is undoubtedly beneficial for the overall economy of the country. Furthermore, because of consumerism, people get choices. When there is demand, more and more manufacturers come in the market. For instance, about two decades ago, there was only Kissan tomato ketchup in the market but today we have Heinz, Del Monte, Cremica, Maggi and so many more varieties of tomato ketchups in the market.

On the downside, consumerism promotes a use-and-throw culture, which is very bad for the environment. There is a lot of rubbish generated because of excessive consumerism. Unnecessary packaging is also done to make these goods appealing to the eye. Often, this rubbish is not decomposed and ends up in rivers and waterways. This is definitely harmful to the environment.

Secondly, consumerism makes people work more and more to afford these products. This workaholism makes them forget to draw a line between work and leisure and also between work and family. The desires never end and consequently over-working becomes a part of life. This leads to stress and strain in life. Another negative point is that when children or youngsters are lured by these things and their parents cannot afford them, then they resort to petty crime such as pick-pocketing and chain snatching, which is certainly not good for any society.

To sum up, consumerism has both merits and demerits, but the cons are definitely more than the pros

In this lesson I’m going to show you how to write an introduction paragraph for your IELTS writing task 2 essay.

So below is the essay title we’re going to look at

"The best way to improve health is to do regular exercise. To what extent do you agree?"

Well, let’s first look at statement now. I also have given this which is the best way is a method it’s a solution to improving health so our essay is all about improving health and their best solution is to do regular exercise. So that is what IELTS have said that’s the statement and we have to give our opinion To what extent do you agree or disagree. 
Now what does this mean ‘To what extent?’
Well, that means how much do you agree.
You don’t need to agree or disagree.
You can’t need to think about it and think do you agree with all the sentences.
Is there something you don’t agree with do you agree with most of it so that’s how you analyze it right. 
Well let’s have a look at what information we need to put in our introduction now for many academic essays there are three parts to the introduction.
  1. The hook
  2. The background statement
  3. A thesis statement

So let’s look at each part of this

The first one the hook

The hook is a center that has lots of interest in it so that immediately the reader wants to continue and we use that in many essays but do we use it for IELTS essays? The answer is no, we don’t need it
Let me explain why

Firstly, the examiner is not looking for interesting ideas as interest is not assessed in your IELTS essay so if your introduction is interesting or boring it makes no difference.

Secondly, another reason that you don't need the hook and that is you don't have much time you have a total of 40 minutes and in those 40 minutes you need to analyze the statement and plan your essay and at the end of your essay when you finish you need to check it so really you only have about 35 minutes to write that essay there is not enough time to worry about having a hook that the examiner doesn't want anyway so forget the hook.

 The next thing the background statement

What is the background statement- the back row statement basically is this statement paraphrased so I'll just put her paraphrase the statement so IELTS give you a statement you need to paraphrase it which means you need to write it again with the same meaning but use your own language. I know that many students who think they can just copy that but that will not help you for your essay if you copy those words they are not yours and the examiner will not take them so please don't copy the sentence just paraphrase it.

 The next thing is the thesis statement

The thesis statement is your answer so how much do you agree you need to answer.

Now let me give you some tips so that you can practice writing your introduction at home the background statement this should have the same meaning as the statement given by IELTS do not copy the IELTS statement you need to paraphrase it to use different language with the same meaning so for example IELTS said the best way and we say the most effective method you don't need to change the words fully for example I out say improve and I have written improving you can keep the word and change the form of the word for the thesis statement that is your answer and an introduction to your ideas it is an agree disagree essay that means an opinion essay and I have put in my opinion so that the examiner can find it quickly and easily that is the key to a good academic essay logical organized easy to read my answer is clear I agree that exercise is the key you can see another paraphrase the most effective way the key lots of paraphrasing and I have also added another solution so that I can have different main points so I've added about diet now my thesis statement has two sentences that's fine but if you want to connect it and make one long complex sentence you can you can change this part and connect them together so that's your background on your thesis statement how many words does your introduction need to be how long should the introduction be well this is about 35 words and that's fine usually your introduction for IELTS will be between 35 and 50 words. I don't really recommend that you write more than 50 words. Don't go further because you don't have a lot of time and you must arrive quickly to the body paragraphs and you need time to write the body paragraphs to develop the idea to support the ideas so don't spend too long on the introduction now if you found this lesson useful please press like and share it with your friends that would be wonderful now I hope you will practice writing the introduction at home make sure that you practice the background statement it's the easiest part of the whole IELTS I think just paraphrase the statement you can practice and practice.

If you don't have many IELTS essay titles please visit my blog I have more than 100 for you to practice my blog is 

Well, that's all for this lesson good luck keep practicing.

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