Government needs to spend money to encourage the development of sport and art for school students, rather than to support professional sports and art events. Do you agree or disagree?

-[Harpreet Singh Dhillon]
The professional sports and the cultural programs have been in existence for a long time and have played an important part in people's life. Therefore, I disagree that government should direct the funds allocated to such events towards encouraging sports and arts among school students. A number of arguments support my opinion.

To begin with, the professional sports bring name and fame to a country. Countries, which spend a lot on such sports, are always leading in sports in the Olympic Games, the World Cup and other such international competitions. Professional sports also boost the economy as millions of spectators come to see and cheer for their favorite teams in the stadiums. There are also big benefits from advertisements on TV as millions of people sit in front of TV and watch sports shows.

Furthermore, the cultural programs are effective ways that help people relax and reduce stress after work. Every day, there are a variety of cultural performances happening all over the world. These fascinate thousands of young people as well as adults. These cultural programs not only enrich people's mind, but also spread our rich culture globally.

Finally, it is difficult to motivate children to take up sports and arts without naming and praising super stars in professional activities. The success from people such as Sachin Tendulkar (a cricket player) or A R Rehman (a musician) is even more important in encouraging children to participate in sport and art subjects than any other kind of motivators. How could we tell our children to put more efforts on arts and sports if it would not lead to any money and success in the future?

To sum up, it can be reiterated that spending on professional sports and cultural programs is imperative for the governments. Promoting sports in schools should also be there, but not at the expense of professional sports and cultural events.

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