The chart below shows the expenditure on three categories among different age groups of residents in the UK in 2004. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

-[Harpreet Singh Dhillon]
The given column graph compares the amount of money spent by five age groups of the British citizens on three different items, in the year 2004. It is interesting to note that the spending on food and drinks was the least by the under 30s, and the highest by the above 76 age group.

It is noticeable that the largest proportion of spending went on food and drinks in most age groups, except for the under 30s and those between 61 and 75 years of age. Expenditure on restaurant and hotel was almost similar among all age groups below 60 years. They spent 12-  14% on this sector. The 61-75 and the 76+ age groups spent 2% and 7% respectively on restaurant and hotel. The under 45s spent lesser on entertainment than on restaurant and hotel, but the vice versa was true for all the other given age groups. The 61-75 year olds, showed the highest discrepancy in their spending on these two areas. They spent 2% and 23% on restaurant and hotel, and entertainment respectively.

Overall, it is observed that as age advanced, the spending priorities of people changed. Older age groups spent more on food and drink and entertainment. However, the 76+ age group did not give much importance to entertainment.

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