Some people believe that air travel should be restricted because it causes serious pollution and uses up the world's fuel resources. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

-[Harpreet Singh Dhillon]
A gap year may be a year after highschool when a student takes time to explore his or her interests, which usually entails some sort of travelling or working. After the gap year is over, the scholar begins his or her career. It has both pros and cons, which I shall discuss during this essay. l, personally believe that the benefits of 'gap year' outstrip the drawbacks.

There are many benefits of taking a year off. Firstly, the scholar can explore his interests before choosing a serious . Just passing out of lyceum , a student does know what his real interests are. A gap year gives him time to introspect and he can also find something he has never considered studying before.

Secondly, he can economize to finance his education and ease some burden off his parents' shoulders. Higher education is extremely expensive and a few parents cannot afford the complete cost of students' university fees.

Furthermore, during this year, the scholar meets different people and experiences different cultures. As a result his personality develops and he involves realize the surface world. Finally, a well-planned gap year is attractive to some admissions tutors and to future employers. For example, a student can add his activities of the gap year in his resume when he applies to the university, or for a few job after completion of his education. This is taken during a positive light by the admissions committee and a few job providers.

As every garden has weeds, similarly a niche year also features a downside. A student may find it difficult to urge back to review . A year may be a while and once that tempo of attending classes and doing home-work etc. is lost, a student might not desire studying again. Secondly, if he starts earning enough, education could seem unimportant. Finally, if a student doesn't plan it properly, it's going to find yourself as a wasted year.

To sum up, a niche year features a lot of benefits provided it's planned well

It is irrefutable that aviation causes pollution and uses tons of fuel, but I disagree that aviation should be restricted. I believe that restricting aviation would solve some problems but would cause many other problems.

At a time when people everywhere the planet worry about the decreasing level of fossil fuels and heating , it's right to require action to save lots of the earth Earth. However, to easily discourage flights isn't the solution . International tourism has become the backbone of the many economies of the planet . Many countries are earning from tourism. Many people are employed in this industry. Many businesses like hotels and leisure centers are hooked in to tourists. So, if we discourage international tourism, it might create new and even worse problems. Many businesses would go broke and lots of people would be without jobs.

Air flight also enables intercultural exchanges between countries. The advent of cheap air fare makes it possible for people the planet over to travel regularly, no matter the aim of the trip. Therefore, people have the opportunities to find out from different cultures and have a far better understanding of nations they wont to be unacquainted . This, in turn, enhances cultural communications between countries.

It is true that aviation consumes oil, but other modes of transportation also are causing pollution and using fuel. Discouraging private cars and inspiring people to use conveyance could help save the environmental resources during a big way. Therefore it might be a really unpractical decision to limit aviation at the value of people's mobility, or worse, at the value of the event of the economy. Technology could even be wont to produce more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient engines.

Summing up, rather than restricting aviation , we should always develop more efficient engine that produces more energy output with less fuel and fewer major air pollutants. We should also specialise in limiting private vehicles and inspiring conveyance .

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