Some people say that economic development is necessary to reduce the poverty in the world. Others say that economic growth should be stopped immediately to stop damaging the environment. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

 -[Harpreet Singh Dhillon]
People are divided on the role of economic development. Some opine that it's essential in addressing poverty whereas others say that it should be stopped because it is causing irreversible damage to the environment. This essay intends to analyze both perspectives. I personally believe that both arguments have weightage as poverty has to be mitigated, but saving the environment is also equally important. So, we've to seem into methods of sustainable economic development. Stopping economic development is not the way out.

It is irrefutable that by the event of economy people can improve their quality of life. For example, in developed countries even the poorest of the poor has the essential amenities of life like food, clothing and shelter. All the citizens enjoy high level of welfare and that they enjoy free medical aid and free education. Even in countries like lndia and China, lnternational Companies have created many roles and as a result, economic development has accelerated even further.

 However, it's also true that in our go after development and becoming richer, we've harmed a number of our surroundings . Most of the items we use require some quite energy to manufacture, operate and maintain. Disposing-off these things is very difficult too. Most of the energy that we use is polluting the environment. Renewable energy forms a really small a part of what's used on a big scale. Effluents from large factories are being dumped indiscriminately and landfill sites are filling up with non-biodegradable wastes. All this is often being wiped out the name of progress.

Looking at both arguments, it's clear that with economic development, the damage to the environment is inevitable. But, we cannot put a halt on economic progress because the status of the underprivileged has got to be improved. Therefore, we've to seem into methods by which we will achieve progress without damaging the environment. For instance, we all know that there are renewable sources of energy which are less polluting. So, the solution lies within the green technologies, which increasingly use renewable resources of energy. We should also remember the three "Rs" - reduce, reuse and recycle. ln this manner we will achieve an ecologically sustainable development. ln order for reach cause minimum damage to environment, sustainability has got to be worked at.

Summing up, there's little question that with economic development, poverty is lessened. At an equivalent time, it's also definite that development is resulting in pollution. But, rather than stopping development we will work upon environmentally friendly development.

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