The graph below shows the result of a survey of young people in four European countries on the most effective solution of global warming. Summarise the information making comparisons where relevant.

-[Harpreet Singh Dhillon]
The given column graph elucidates the result of a survey on the simplest solution of worldwide

warming among the people of 4 European countries, which are Portugal, Spain, Italy and

the Netherlands. It is clear from the graph that lifestyle changes were rated because the best

solution by the utmost youth of all the countries.

50% of the Portuguese children rated lifestyle changes because the best solution for global

warming. Government regulations and environmental issues were considered the simplest ways

to solve global warming by 20% and 17% respectively. The maximum Spanish young

generation also was of the view that lifestyle changes were the foremost effective solution but

their percentage was lesser than that of the Portuguese during this respect. 17% and 20% young

people of Spain rated government issues and environmental factors because the best solution. The

overall trend of the Spanish, the Italian and therefore the Dutch youth was an equivalent for all the factors

with minor differences in percentage.

Overall, only alittle minority of the youth of all the countries opined that none of those

factors could help reduce global warming.

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