The graph below shows the way in which men and women used the Internet in Canada in 2000. Summarise the information making comparisons where relevant.

-[Harpreet Singh Dhillon] 
The given bar chart compares the share of males and females, of 15-24 age bracket , who

used the web for various purposes in Canada in 2000. It is manifest from the graph that

the least percentage of both genders used the web for research and education.

It is clear from the graph that the utmost number of men used the web for goods and

services (71%). The second hottest use among the males was for sending e-mails

(70%). A slightly higher percentage of women (71%) used the Internet for e-mails. However,

a significantly lesser percentage (61%) of women used the Internet for goods and services.

Chat rooms were almost equally popular among both genders with 50% males and 48%

females using the internet for this purpose respectively. Online shopping was more popular

among women. 38% women used the net for this purpose and only 28% men used the

Internet for online shopping.

Games were slightly more popular among males (64%) than females (58%). Research and

education was the smallest amount popular activity among both men and ladies . 9% women and 13 %

men used the Internet for this purpose.

Overall, it are often seen that ladies were before men in using the web for e-mailing and

online shopping. In all other given activities, males superseded women.

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